Grand Sheik Brother R. Jones-Bey

Brother R. Jones-Bey,
Grand Sheik & Moderator

Present Officials

I give Praise to He who is Almighty, eternal, incomprehensible, most wise, all hearing, all knowing; and it is only that He is one-just one God. Now if I was not to mention His name, all of you who believe in God, would you not say that that is a word that also is descriptive of your God?

The Moorish Science Temple of America is an organization-a great organization-that instills race pride into a people who did not know who they were. Understand this, you are not a Negro, you are not Black, you are not Colored. Nor are you Ethiopian. These names were given to slaves by slaveholders in 1779 and lasted until 1865. Here in America you are recognized for having a nationality. We are descendants of Moroccans, born in America. We are Moorish decent. We fly two flags. We honor the American flag. It is the flag of our birth. We also honor our flag of decent-the Moorish flag. The red flag with the five-pointed green star in the center! And those five points represent the five divine principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice; and all those who adhere to that flag are trying to live the life according to Love, Truth, Peace, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

We are trying to promote peace. Islam means peace-regardless of what the media may try to lead you into believing. Islam is a religion of peace. We all are dependent on one another. We all are connected. Let no one severance the tie that binds us because remember, again I say, ''together we stand, divided we fall. '' ''We are here to learn to love instead of hate and to bring about a more harmonious condition for mankind. ''

May Allah bless you. Peace



1. 0 thou, the favorite of Heaven, whom the sons of men, thy equals, have agreed to raise to sovereign power and set as a ruler over themselves; consider the ends and importance of their trust, fax more than the dignity and height of thy station.

2. Thou art clothed in purple, and seated on a throne; the crown of majesty investeth thy temples, the sceptre of power is placed in thy hand; but not for thyself were these ensigns given; not meant for thine own, but the good of thy kingdom.

3. The glory of a king is the welfare of his people; his power and dominion rest on the hearts of his subjects.

4. The mind of a great prince is exalted with the grandeur of his situation; he evolveth high things, and searcheth for business worthy of his power.

5. He calleth together the wise men of his kingdom; he consulteth among them with freedom, and heareth the opinions of them all.

6. He looketh among his people with discernment; he discovereth the abilities of men, and employeth them according to their merits.

7. His magistrates are just, his ministers are wise, and the favorite of his bosom deceiveth him not.

8. He smileth on the arts, and they flourish; the sciences improve beneath the culture of his hand.

9. With the learned and ingenious he delighteth himself; he kindleth in their breasts emulation; and the glory of his kingdom is exalted by their labors.

10. The spirit of the merchant who extendeth his commerce, the skill of the farmer who enricheth his lands, the ingenuity of the artists, the improvements of the scholar; all these he honoreth with his favor, or rewardeth with his bounty.

11. He planteth new colonies, he buildeth strong ships, he openeth rivers for convenience, he formeth harbors for safety, his people abound in riches, and the strength of his kingdom increaseth.

12. He frameth his statutes with equity and wisdom; his subjects enjoy the fruits of their labor in security; and their happiness consists of the observance of the law.

13. He foundeth his judgments on the principle of mercy; but in the punishment of offenders, he is strict and impartial.

14. His ears are open to the complaints of his subjects; he restraineth the hands of their oppressors, and he delivereth them from their tyranny.

15. His people, therefore, look up to him as a father, with reverence and love; they consider him as the guardian of all they enjoy.

16. Their affection unto him begetteth in his breast a love of the public; the security of their happiness is the object of his care.

17. No murmurs against him arise in their hearts; the machinations of his enemies endanger not the state. 18. His subjects are faithful, and firm in his cause; they stand in his defense, as a wall of brass; the army of a tyrant flieth before them, as chaff before the wind.

19. Security and peace bless the dwelling of his people; and glory and strength encircle his throne forever.



1. When thou considereth thy wants, when thou beholdeth thy imperfections, acknowledge his goodness, 0 son of humanity, who honored thee with humanity, endowed thee with speech, and placed thee in society to receive and confer reciprocal helps and mutual obligations, protection from injuries, thy enjoyments of the comforts and the pleasures of life; all these thou oweth to the assistance of others, and couldst not enjoy but in the bands of society.

2. It is thy duty, therefore, to be a friend to mankind, as it is thy interest that man should be friendly to thee.

3. As the rose breatheth sweetness from its own nature, so the heart of a benevolent man produceth good works.

4. He enjoyeth the ease and tranquility of his own breast, and rejoiceth in the happiness and prosperity of his neighbor

5. He openeth not his ear unto slander; the faults and the failings of men give a pain to his heart.

6. His desire is to do good, and he researcheth out the occasions thereof; in removing the oppression of another, he relieveth himself.

7. From the largeness of his mind, he comprehendeth in his wishes the happiness of all men; and from the generosity of his heart, he endeavoreth to promote it.
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Brother P. Chase-El,
Assistant Grand Sheik of MST of A, Inc.

Sister S. Dunbar-Bey,
Grand National Chairman of MST of A, Inc.


Brother V. Bell-Bey,
Assistant Grand National Chairman of MST of A, Inc.

Sister I. Moore-Bey,
Grand National Secretary of MST of A, Inc.


Assistant Grand National Secretary of MST of A, Inc.

Sister S. Jones-Bey,
Grand National Treasurer of MST of A, Inc.

Sister J. Arthur-El,
Assistant Grand National Treasurer of MST of A, Inc.

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